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Digital Signage Orlando


Orlando Digital Signage integrator, inTouch Display Systems, is the leading provider of digital sign solutions for businesses that want to elevate their brand and enhance their customer experience. Our comprehensive suite of digital sign services includes design, deployment, and management of custom digital displays that capture the attention of your audience and drive results for your business.

Digital signage has become more and more relevant and popular over the years. We see it just about everywhere, in office buildings, hotels, retail stores, airports, restaurants, at the mall, sports arenas, entertainment venues, museums, churches, etc.

So, exactly what is digital signage?

Digital signage, also referred to as a digital poster board, reader board, information TV, digital billboard, etc. all consist of a few key components. Hardware, software, and content to be displayed. In its' simplest form a digital sign is an electronic display which may be a TV, monitor, or video wall that is used for messaging or advertising to announce, inform, and capture the attention of the intended viewer. The content that is shown on the display is typically controlled by a media playback device. The playback device may be an external standalone device or one that is built into the monitor. A more complex form of digital signage is one where there may be a number of displays that are all connected to a central server via a local area network (intranet) or the world wide web (internet). The central server has the software that controls what is show on each screen and when it is shown. The content shown on digital signage displays ranges from one static image to multiple videos and content feeds. Content typically seen on digital signage can be in the form of advertising, where a company is looking to promote or upsell products, wayfinding, where a business or venue wants to provide directions for guests, news and infotainment to engage and entertain, and messaging communicate with employees and guests.


Our inTouch digital signage content server is very robust and versatile. Our software enables us the ability to divide each screen into unlimited multiple sections, showing different content in each section, schedule content to play at certain times during the day, week, month or year, and control an unlimited number of screens.

Contact us today to learn more about how inTouch Display Systems can help maximize the impact of your digital signage strategy.

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