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LCD Video Wall


inTouch Display Systems is a Video Wall integrator, providing sales, installation, and rental of both LED and LCD Video Walls throughout the Central Florida region. Contact us today to find out how a large screen video wall can improve your overall customer experience and add a lasting impression.

An LED Video Wall is a seamless video wall and appears as one large screen monitor. It is wall made up of many smaller LED panels seamlessly connected together. Each panel contains multiple LED's that rapidly change color to produce the inputted image or video. LED video walls are typically much brighter than LCD displays and there are virtually no glare or reflection concerns due to the fact that there are no panels covering the surface of the LEDs'. An LED wall can be configured into many shapes or sizes and are available for both indoor and outdoor applications. LED walls can be configured into a large canvas to display, video, images, and messaging. LED wall panels come in a wide range of pixel density, solid or flexible material, and transparency.

LED Video Wall Hotel
LCD Video Wall 3X4

LCD Walls are made up of a number of thin bezel video wall monitors connected together. They have a great look, but are not seamless, meaning that you will see a slight line throughout the video wall where the screens meet up with each other. While they are not as dynamic as an LED wall, they still may be configured into many different shapes and sizes. Most LCD video wall applications are for use indoors only. LED video wall are typically more cost effective than LED walls. Typically, video walls are configured in a 16:9 format which would be a monitor ratio such as 2 wide x 2 high, 3x3, 4x4, etc. However, there are many other custom configurations that can be designed as well. This is accomplished with the right hardware and software setup. inTouch display systems has the knowledge and equipment to create most any type of custom layout design. 

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